About Us

A Little About Our Company

Affordable Plumber Pros was created to make your life easier. Our very first goal was to take calls from anywhere in the country, which is now our main method of getting in touch with customers. A single phone number and we can help people anywhere — it’s fantastic. This is how we’ve built a name that people can trust.

Our current network of plumbers all over the country includes nothing but the best in the business. We started out small, like most businesses, but we were determined to make our idea escalate and become something greater. Now we have a reliable professional network of plumbers across the country working by our seal of quality. Quite simply, we believe in healthy long term relationships with customers — not just get in, get out, get paid. Every time someone calls is because they need our help, and that’s the attitude we teach everyone in our team.

This comes from humble roots. As said before, we started out small and simple but our principles have always been the same. In the early days we had a saying: “Help first, sell later.” We still use it to this day — of course we have to make a living, but the thing is that when people call plumbers they are usually concerned, stressed, or desperate. So first, we help.